Beer Review – Bell’s Oberon Ale

I picked up this bottle of Bell’s Oberon Ale during a recent lunch time beer run to The Foodery. I didn’t plan on picking this up, but since I remember enjoying the Oberon Ale last summer, and since I had yet to review it, I just had to buy a bottle. The fact that there was a mini heat wave in the Philly weather forecast also influenced my decision to buy a bottle of this summer seasonal from our friends in Comstock, MI.

Below is what Bell’s Brewery has to say about their Oberon Ale: Continue reading

Beer Review – Sixpoint Apollo Summer Wheat

The Sixpoint Apollo was part of the mixed six pack purchase at Wine Works in Marlton, NJ that I mentioned during my Great Divide Nomad review from last week. Since I have been hearing and seeing a lot about this beer over the past couple months (it’s been all over Twitter and Instagram, and Mrs. G-LO managed to try it before me during one of her Frothy Friday excursions to Mrs. Alemonger’s house), I needed to find out what all the fuss was about.

Sixpoint Brewery has the following to say about their Apollo Summer Wheat: Continue reading

Beer Review – Krombacher Weizen

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Recently, while waiting for our cruise to depart, I went on an advanced scouting trip in search of dinner. The absence of a children’s menu at the local German restaurant thwarted my efforts. Having walked nearly two whole blocks, I felt that I was entitled to some liquid refreshment and to my good fortune; the German deli (the Olde Heidelberg Deli) next door was open. I chose two bottles of ice cold German beer to quench my thirst. The first was the Kaiserdom Pilsener. The second was the Krombacher Weizen. Krombacher Brauerei was founded in 1803 and is located in a suburb of Krueztal, Germany. Today, the brewery is one of the largest privately owned breweries and second best selling brewery in Germany.

Here is what Krombacher has to say about its Weizen: Continue reading

Beer Review – Erdinger Pikantus Weizen Bock

Previously, I had ventured to Kress Liquors’ wall of imports and picked up a mixed six. The Erdinger Hefe Weizen was the first that I had reviewed. I enjoyed that beer so much that I selected the Erdinger Pikantus Weizen Bock as the second beer. Erdinger has been brewing quality beer for over 125 years most of that time under the watchful eye of the Bromabach family. Today, the brewer calls itself the world’s largest wheat beer brewery and distributes to five continents.

Here is what Erdinger has to say about the Pikantus: Continue reading

Beer Review – Erdinger Hefe Weizen

Looking for something new, I ventured to Kress Liquors’ wall of imports and picked up a mixed six. One of the six was the Erdinger Hefe Weizen (aka Erdinger Weissbier). I have had about two dozen beers in this style this summer and while it is not one of my favorites, it is a perfect summer beer. From the Erdinger site: Continue reading

Beer Review – Ayinger Brau-Weisse Hefe Weizen

We had a mixed bag of weather this past weekend. Saturday was rainy, cool, and muggy. Sunday morning and the early afternoon were a continuation of Saturday’s sucky weather, but then around 3 o’clock, the humidity broke, the clouds rolled away, and it turned into a spectacular late afternoon. Since Sudsy Sunday plans were Continue reading